It’s All Fun and Games…

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It’s All Fun and Games…

for Winter BREAK!

School is soon to be out for a couple of weeks.  As much as the time off is anticipated it flies by!  Maximize your time and minimize your stress with a few tools that I have used to help me get…. wait for it…                      ORGANIZED!!

With 5 different minds in our house we need to lay out the ground rules so everyone knows what to expect but everyone gets to feel like they have been able to participate.  Start with 3 different Jars displaying 3 different categories

{Date- Activity- School}

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Every family has a different work schedule so the amount of input from each member should be catered to your family.  To avoid fights try and round it off by the number of people in your family for instance for date nights we will only do 5 (1 each), for activities  we will do 20 (4 each) and for school we will do 20 (4 each).

{Date Night}

This is the big one!  We could only do this the minimum (once per person)!  This is a great time to let your kids be creative let them plan the date night.  It could be something simple like cooking at the house or something fun like heading to the riverwalk!

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This category should be an activity that takes about 30 minutes to an hour.  Something everyone can participate in and something that can be done on a weeknight, so nothing that requires to much traveling.  Some great examples would be board games, a walk around the block, playing cards, or one of my favorite a game called Minute to Win It! <— Click for instructions

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Getting kids to keep up with school on break is frustrating for parents just as much if not more then the kids.  Now my kids are only in elementary school but they enjoy being  “boss” of what they have to do.  Between your wishes and their wishes the school task will be accomplished! 


This is the F-U-N part!  Each week draw you date night so you will have time to plan.  Then each day (depending on how many you do) draw an activity and draw the school assignment.  Hopefully every week if not everyday will be filled with something fun and something new to your family.  The holidays will still fly by but looking back you will have memories that will last forever.

-Amy Pearl

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