Whole 30 the ins and outs

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Whole 30 Challenge:   My Game Changer

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I am 7 days out from completing the Whole 30 Challenge and what the say is true it changes your life.  This sentence most likely strikes some cord with you (as it did with me)  How can a “diet” or a “challenge” change your life.  Well, let me explain how it changed me.

1.)  Attitude:  So many events in your life are surrounded by food.  For example, Birthday’s, Date Nights, Vacations, when I first started The whole30, I felt like I needed to stay in, and that I could not do anything because, well, I couldn’t eat I couldn’t drink.  I even wanted to stay home during spring break because what on earth would I bring camping!  After a couple of days and LOTS of pinterest searching I had a reality Check.  This is a problem! I should eat to live, not live to eat.  From that moment on I started exploring new avenues of spending my days that didn’t surround food.  To celebrate a friends Birthday, we would go for manicures, or get our hair blown out, meet for a green tea.  Rather then meeting for lunches to catch up with a friend, we would meet for a walk, play tennis, try new yoga poses in a park.   These outings turned into really special times and I truly haven’t felt like I missed out on food. At. All.

2.) Activity:  With my attitude change came on lots of activity.  My husband and I went for walks almost every nights, yoga started becoming something I would do with my kids.  During raining days I would maximize my time with the kids by taking them to a trampoline park and participate with them.  Everyday, with food no longer being the center of my world  I found a new fun life of simplicity:  Outdoor fun.  Playing  football with my kids, playing basketball, things  I always did, but now I’m doing them every day, all day!

3.) Explore:  So often when life gets busy its easier to do something quick, pick up take out, put on a movie, anything to give you an extra minute to rest.  Thru the process of Whole 30 it challenged me to explore other avenues, even if needed a quick meal, eggs with veggies were great and it was quick.  Meal Preps became easier.  The healthier I was eating the more I started craving different textures or some of my favorite foods that were not Whole 30 Compliant.  I went back to Pinterest and found easy meals that satisfied those cravings.

Life after the  whole 30 Challenge

I’m already starting to contemplating what I am going to do after Whole 30.   There has been so many benefits with my health, my skin, my hair, my attitude, that I am going to try and keep it up, with planned cheat days.  My kids have enjoyed exploring new foods and as a mom I feel the responsibility to provide them with good food choices especially by making it fun!  But I am planning on doing the Whole 30 Challenge a few times a year to keep my mind a body centered and my metabolism working strong.  Feel free to watch my progress on my Instagram account PearlsProjects.


Now here is on of my favorite recipes, its quick, fun and hits the spot!

Hawaiian Wraps:


1lb Turkey Burger

1 Package Kitchen Pride Mushrooms


Garlic Powder

Sea Salt

Cayenne Pepper (optional

Butter Leaf Lettuce




Prepare the mushrooms by grinding them up finely in a food processor.  Start to ground your meat over medium heat, add your mushroom, garlic powder, sea salt, cayenne pepper to taste.  Once your meet is browned add your pineapple, mix well then remove from heat.  Prepare your Butter leaf lettuce, cut at the base and rinse.

Put a scoop of your meet and vegetable mixture into each butter leaf lettuce top with sliced avocado and squeeze of lime!  Enjoy!

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I will leave you with this one bit of encouragement if you are still on the fence about trying the Whole 30,  There are 365 days in a year,  The big picture is for 335 days you can continue to eat however you want.  But you will still reap the benefits kick starting your metabolism, and giving your body a break from processed food!

-Amy Pearl

Fun Fact: When cooked mixing mushrooms into the recipe brings another serving of vegetables to the plate and adds bulk and volume, generating more servings and stretching recipes into more portions. Also, mushrooms absorb the flavors of the other ingredients your cooking with!IMG_7027

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