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Fiesta: Fun

Fiesta is one of my favorite times of the year!  I love the bright colors, the events and being able to giving back!  It truly is a unique idea to have all these events with a large portion of the proceeds benefitting non profits and the local community!

If your new to “Fiesta” here are some trends you may see around:

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Little girls and adults dressed in traditional Mexican Attire from yavera shirts for men to Mexican Embroidered dresses for the ladies and we can’t forget the little girls running around with the floral tiara’s imagining she is the adored queen on the float in the parade! no matter your ethnicity it is a time for everyone to participate. 

This year I wanted to make my little princess her own unique floral tiaraIMG_3763

The supplies you will need:

  •  fake flowers, you can buy a pre made bunch or pick out the ones you want.
  • headband {note that we have a large one here.  The smaller headbands wont be able to hold the weight of the flowers}
  • Glue Gun {HOT} there are three types of glue guns: cool, regular and HOT… we will need hot for this one



Layout the flower before you start to glue them on, start in the middle and work your way to the sides!  The more flowers you add the bigger it will be! Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 5.49.50 AM

Fiesta is a great time to teach you children about giving back, community awareness and celebrating life!  You can check out some my pinterest page for some other EASY crafts you can do with you kids, like maracas out of spoons and your old east eggs

-Amy Pearl

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