To do list: Reality

back to school

SUMMA TIME… is over…

Summer came, it happened, it was fantastic, but now comes the daunting task of getting back on schedule and back to reality.


As the “to do” list continue to get longer.   It is easy to get caught up in the business of life.  At the end of day we are stressing to just find balance.  When you lay in bed you’re wondering if you have accomplished everything you needed to do, have you maximized each minute of the day, were you attentive to the needs of everyone around you… this list goes on. Does this sound like you?  Or am I just describing myself…


Actually, as I am writing this, I’m really just affirming the feelings that I feel but have not mastered.  I’m reminding myself of my to do list and what my “reality” is.  Reality is that school is going to start, and above and beyond that there is nothing else I can do. Book bags being monogramed or an item missing off the school supply list will not change reality.  When school starts the only reality I’ll need to understand is that I am really going to miss my kids.  We have had a great summer and I am so thankful that I have two more weeks to hang with my little guys.  This year I will have to be the mom that doesn’t have it all together and I feel like I am going to be ok with that.

With that being said, ‘Shout out’ to all the mama’s.  Take a break, give yourself a break, take a coffee break,  do whatever you need to do, to be the best possible you… 

Thanks for reading my little reality check!  I feel like I just crossed one thing off of my list!Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 12.45.51 AM

Arches, Moab, Utah, Vacation
Double Arches in Moab, Utah, with the kids and my cousin!

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