What will it Bee? Shower

What will it Bee?

My sweet sister is having a baby!
We are so excited about the newest addition to our family!
However we had one slight problem while throwing the shower….

We have no clue what she is having… and when planning a shower…..
you can probably imagine we are a bit limited on what we can do!

Here are some of my ideas- Feel free to “buzz” around and do it yourself!

This wreath was done with a fur yarn that you can get at craft stores.
I wrapped the yarn around the wreath until the entire thing was covered (I used 2 packages)
I love setting the tone for a party as soon as people walk in the door!
Plus it’s a great gift for the mom-to-BEE

This is a “Diaper Cake” We kept it simple because of the amount of stuff on the table!
Typically, I like adding lots of “fluff” but here I like the “simple”ness of the ribbon.

“honeycomb” mix
Just add honeycomb cereal, pecans and Reeces pieces
It’s super simple and LOTS of fun!

I love the look of mason jars!
Not to mention they make for great glasses!
I wrapped black tule with yellow yarn around them, giving the illusion that the
little mason jars had bee wings!
Can you see the punch to the left?!?! This is the recipe is so delicious!
16 ounces unsweetened Pinapple Juice, 16 ounces gingerale, 12 ounces club soda, 1/2 cup sugar and top it off
with some black berries for a little…. black and yellow… black and yellow ….

Oh Honey Bear!
Honestly this was my favorite! I love giving something practical that is not too expensive!
These little Honey Bears were about $2.50 each! Tack on a little sticker and your “buzz’n”!
Our guests loved this little favor and it was perfect for our theme!

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