Cork frame


There are so many things about wine that I love! First and foremost wine itself is great and a glass of wine at night is a perfect way for this momma to un”wine” at night.


Over the year I decided to hold onto the corks from wine and put then in a glass vase… I really liked the look of the corks, but also some of them were special to me, they reminded me of a birthday, anniversary , girls night… Whatever the occasion my “corks” became a little piece of a memory throughout the year.


With a hot glue gun… I started to glue the corks together in the shape of a “C” for Cornwell. I put one line of glue then added a cork… then repeat process.


I started with a small “C” and continued to add to it until I had the shape that I wanted


I made a base for the bottom so my “C” could stand on its own. Then I added a clothes pin so I could easily clip a picture or a note! Remember that the is cork, so you can also use thumb tacks! Lastly, I wanted to make it a little girl… So I added a touch of some rosettes! (click the word to find out how to make them)



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