Fun ways to spring…into break. SPRING BREAK!!!

Special Time Jar

It’s hard to believe that we are already approaching our last big break of the school year, Spring Break! If you’re a working mom like me, you too might be feeling a little anxious. I have three little monsters who I often call my “kiddies” Colton, who is 6, Adalynn 3, and Trueman, 2. Colton, my oldest, is in his first year of school, so Spring Break will be a little more special compared to the ones I’ve had in the past. I really want him to enjoy his time off with his family, because he sure is enjoying his friends and time at school!

To start the anticipation of Spring Break, I’ve started a “Special Time” jar in my home. This jar gives all of my kids (and me) an opportunity to contribute to a “Special Time” for the entire week we have off together. The idea has gone over so well that I’m even using it as a reward system… “Colton, you did such a great job listening, you’ve earned another special time to add to our jar”. It seems to be a win- win here at the house and I feel like its something we will keep doing throughout the year. At times, kids like to feel involved and mature enough to contribute to plans of moms and dads. When explaining the idea to my kids I showed them the jar and the little scraps of paper along with some examples. I included a trip to the park, family board game, s ’mores, painting, sidewalk chalk and any outdoor/ indoor activity fun I could think of. You can do it too, use your imagination and throw in something similarly fun like face painting. The possibilities are endless! I’m sure your kids will start to giggle thinking of all the fun they are going to have! If everything goes smooth, this could be the new weekend tradition for you and your family!

Cut strips of paper, then let your child use his/her imagination on what "special time" you can do during spring break!
Cut strips of paper, then let your child use his/her imagination on what “special time” you can do during spring break!

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