Easter! Decor..tips..treats and eats!


Easter has sprung early on us this year… But have no fear! These fun easy tips and tricks will have you ready!

I love a fun wreath – but I’m more of the untraditional gal when it come to my wreaths! This picture frame “wreath” is perfect for Easter or any occasion. If you have an old picture frame that is ready to be repurposed- your ready for a wreath! That’s basically all you need! I spray painted my frame to make it pop and added some foliage and silk flowers for color and then a little bird house and nest of eggs for an Easter/ Spring feel. A little side not about me – I have one egg for each of my kiddies… When doing the wreath I had my kids pick which egg was theirs. It was super cute and fun to get them involved in the wreath – even if it was just in a small way!


One of my favorite things to do is dyeing eggs. But I remember from when I was younger how hard it was to blow out the yoke of eggs… And how to get the eggs to dry all the way around the egg evenly without messing up my design… I found the ideas off of Pinterest use a child’s snot syringe (I know gross) to blow the yoke out and a simple foam board with pins in it to help the eggs to dry! My kids will absolutely be dying eggs this year.


Food is most likely my favorite part of every holiday …. I like that friends and family come together, I love the buffet of yummie-ness, I love the taste – and I LOVE the presentation…. Another idea I found when surfing around the Internet were the cute devil eggs “chicks”!

They are super easy to make follow the regular instructions of making devil eggs… Then cut a piece of carrot for a nose and two peppercorn for the eyes… They are almost too cute to eat… Well almost 🙂


Lastly one of my favorite is a giant Easter Egg filled with goodies!

You make it like you would make a Piñata! Blow up a water balloon, then with paper mâché paint on layers of tissue paper… Let it dry cut out the balloon… Make little slice in the piñata add goodies… Cover over again with tissue paper and add a string to pull out the goodies inside


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