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Sometimes I find it hard to keep “topping” myself. I mean…. I love nuts, marshmallows, health bar, granola…not sure what you thought I was talking about but I’m actually talking about dessert TOPPINGS!

Nothing makes my dessert a little better then a DIY topping! When I say DIY, I mean it in the literal sense… Doing It Yourself…. Putting the topping on the dessert, making it a more and more appetizing, finishing off every last detail right until consumption! {btw now is probably the time I should tell you that I’m on a diet and a little dessert deprived}.

While stumbling along pinterest I found these amazing cakes that had the most amazing looking frosting on it… and it was called ganache. Super easy to make and the taste is event better! When baking cakes I don’t do frosting really well… so the ganache was a perfect way to cover up my imperfections!

I did three different layers of cake, frosted it the best I could and topped it off with ganache!
I did three different layers of cake, frosted it the best I could and topped it off with ganache!

Later in the week we had some friends over… I made ganache to add as an extra topping for our plain vanillas ice cream! The texture is so smooth and flawless that it made the ice cream look and taste so much better! It was perfect and our guest were quite impressed…

If you know me, you will know that I’m really bad at baking! One of my friends told me… “Its not that you can’t bake, it’s that you wont follow instructions!” That is the truth! I get a little ADD half way through baking recipes and start to ad-lib. I’ve learned it doesn’t help so much when it comes to desserts! So this recipe is simple and it doesn’t take much concentration!

½ cup of heavy whipping cream.
4 oz dark chocolate
1 teaspoon of Kyro Syrup

Crumble the dark chocolate in a mixing bowl
Warm the heavy whipping cream until it starts to bubble
Add the syrup then poor into the dark chocolate
Stir quite fast until the chocolate is smooth.
Let it cool and then pore it on cake, ice cream, brownie… dip it in strawberries! Oh it’s perfect for anything!

Amy Pearl

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