Lemonade Stand

National Lemonade Stand Day

Lemonade stands are absolutely amazing…

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Every year I try and participate in National Lemonade Stand Day. It’s a great way to introduce entrepreneurship to your little ones. There are so many fun lesson in running your own little business for a day. Try and really let your kids come up with the concept… guide them with questions to help keep them on track. The lessons in responsibility, organization, MATH, hard work, advertising are priceless! A few years back we participated in National Lemonade Stand Day and Colton decided to have his proceeds go to the Children’s Hospital.

National Lemonade Stand Day
National Lemonade Stand Day

The set up we did was really easy, to save money we tried to use things we already had! I painted some styrofoam that I had in the garage but you could use a poster board! Then with colored paper Colton  cut out triangles for the bunting hanging below the sign!

Colton can’t wait to do another lemonade stand this year! I love seeing our sweet neighbors participate too! Who can resist sweet little kids selling ice cold lemonade!

This isn’t the best quality but check out Colton’s little commercial!  



We all know that any good business owner always says thank you to his customers…


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