Halloween fun and games!


Halloween Halloween Halloween

Growing up I never participated in Halloween because my parents really wanted to protect us from all the negativity that sometimes is associated or happened on that spooky day!

Because of my up bringing it was hard for me to shy away from my roots but, I have to say I love the way my family celebrates Halloween!

I make a big pot of chili and our neighbors (and anyone else) will bring yummy things that go with chili – here are a few examples: hotdogs, Fritos, cornbread, queso and chips.

We have used Halloween as a great way to meet our neighbors and connect with the community we live in, not to mention fill the tummies of our children before the candy binge!

Her is a fun game you can play with the kiddos, I call it a witch toss.

You toss a glow in the dark necklace around a witch hat. Here is Adalynn modeling her success!


It’s super easy! I just used black paper plates and made cones out of paper hot glued it on foam board


Last game is ghost spook!


Make a pyramid of toilet paper with all different faces and let your kids try and knock down as many as they can!


Here is a little tip:  if the toilet papers starts to unravel- let them make mummies out of themselves!!!!!

Ok last but not least trash bag spiderwebs!!!!

Super easy they are made out of trash bags!


Cut the plastic bags into squares and then fold Into a triangle (at least 3 times)

Cut it out like a rib cage like below…



Colton is going to get a surprise when he gets home from school!


I hope you like these fun easy games! Remember you can always keep things simple yet sophisticated by spending time with you little kiddies!

<3 Amy Pearl

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