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Be skinny … blah blah blah

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I feel like ever since I had my last son, Trueman, I have struggled a bit with being the size that I want to be.  If you haven’t met me, I am about 5’2″ and am not a heavy built and I am not thin, I have more of an athletic build.  With that being said if I gain 5lb, it will look like 10lb. on me!  All of  my life I have always been very involved in athletics and enjoyed working out.

This past year my concentration has really bin more about being thin, then it has been about being fit.  I have tried so many different things to try and ultimately motivate me to lose weight.  Nothing really stuck.  As my work days have become longer, and my mommy hours have become more strenuous I have found that working out is always the first thing to take off of my list.  I have a gym membership that I don’t use, but for some reason seeing the tag on my key chain make me think, well “I’m healthy”.

Recently I met with a friend of mine over at 1StopFitness.  He did an assessment and I have since signed up to have a “Personal Trainer.”  Growing up being an athlete I felt  that this was a bit of a shot to my ego.  I felt like I knew all the right things to being fit but I just wasn’t doing them!

As I have started my journey to fitness with Josh Mantooth from 1 Stop Fitness, I have found that 1.)  My body is changing and requires different forms of exercise and 2.) It’s not about quantity but its about quality.  The quality of time that I’m putting in with my trainer is more then running on a treadmill for an hour.

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I’m really excited about getting healthy and being fit!  I hope that you too can take time for YOU this new year and asses your life and how you can bring fitness and nutrition into it!


-Amy Pearl

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