Boo-ti-ful fun for halloween!

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Trick or treat, please save me all the goods to eat!

I love scavenging through my kids halloween treats, just like every other HONEST mother out there!  But truly more then anything I love the opportunity to do fun crafts with my kids!  As a working mom, I really need a craft that is “EASY PEEZE-LEMON-SQEEZY” as my daughter would say!

 Every year I really want to carve a pumpkin, but the last few years I have really enjoyed decorating pumpkins.  When you carve pumpkins they fall apart pretty quick, not to mention how crazy messy and difficult it is to cut thru one of those things.  Last year my neighbor brought out the big time boy tools that saved the day (Thanks Joel)!  But this year I found something a little less complicated and a lot more colorful!  Sounds like a win win in my book!

The Supplies you will need are, a pumpkin, hot glue gun, crayons and blow dryer!

Pumpkin, Glue Gun, Crayons and Blow Dryer

Its important to take the crayons out to the wrapping, this  was a Love incorporating my little nuggets into these crafts as much as I cangreat job for my 4 and 5 year!  They loved ripping the paper off the crayons and I loved incorporating them in this  activity! After you are done.  Use a dab of your hot glue to secure each crayon to your pumpkin. You really only need a dab or it will melt the crayon! My favorite colors to use were yellow, blue’s and green! It was fun stacking on top of eachother too!  Loved the finished layered look.  This is what your pumpkin should look when your ready for the next step.

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Notice that They are not in perfect order, once you turn the blow dryer on the crayons will melt and you will have a beautiful display of artwork.  Be creative with different designs, and have fun!

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Here are my little thoughts on life my most special moments are on the ground eye to eye, heart to heart with my kids!  Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!

<3 Amy Pearl

Me and my little Pearl enjoying some simple mom time, just laying on the ground being silly!
Me and my little Pearl enjoying some simple mom time, just laying on the ground being silly!

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