Thanksgiving Day Traditions

Gobble Gobble, Wabble Wabble,

Thankful Thankful!

Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving?  I sure am, to say the very least.  There is so much I enjoy about Thanksgiving but one of my favorites is hearing family traditions.  Everyone seems to have a there own little twist on how they celebrate or express “Thankfulness”.

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I love including my kids in fun activities and this particular activity will help  buy a little time in between meals.  This year I thought of combining an easy craft that can be done at the table in between thanksgiving lunch and dessert!


The supplies you will need is orange paper, green paper, scissors and a push pin brad

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If you cut the paper in 1 inch strips I found that works the best! I had my kids write what they are thankful for on the strips. Then pin the top and the bottom of the paper.  If you mold it a little bit it will forma little pumpkin!


Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 7.37.49 AM

This is also makes a cute place card for the kids table if your guest arrive early


Being thankful sometimes can become a cliche, of the obvious things in your life: family, friends, health.  These are all really important and should be noted.  But this thanksgiving I challenge you to look beyond the circle around you. Especially on social media negativity seems to trend and we forget obvious blessing we have, like running water, paved streets, easy access to medical care.  I am always looking for life lesson to teach my children and this thanksgiving, especially right before the holidays I want them to know how blessed they are.  We live in a great country and I am so blessed that we are not facing the struggles that those in third world countries face.

                                                  Happy Thanksgiving!                                                                                                    I hope its filled with lots of gobble and little wobble!

-Amy Pearl



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