Elfing around town!

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And momma’s across the world sing hallelujah!

The ELF has come!

I love my sweet kids and they really are good listeners BUT come Thanksgiving I am super thankful for the added help that the “Elf” brings.    Reminding them to stay kind, always mind and to stay in line!  Incase you are out of the loop… or new to parenting the Elf is an addition to your family that is sent from santa to report on the children behavior… good and bad.Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 7.28.32 PM

Once you receive your Elf, he will need a name.  But make sure no one touches it, because once he is touched he could lose his “magic powers” that fly him back and fourth to the north pole!

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It’s fun coming up with different ways for the Elf to show he has moved, one year our elf toilette papered our house!

Our elf will leave notes encouraging the kids to help mom with with the dishes, or to remember to make your bed.  Anytime the kids need a little more encouraging the Elf delivers it.  

But in addition to helping mom he also brings ophoto 3rders straight from Santa!  Like the one time he told us to make cookies and have hot chocolate, his hints are subtle but we get the point!

If you are looking for other fun ways to hide your elf check out my pinterest board!  I have several clever ways for your elf to move each day!

Now come Christmas morning the fun will stop Santa will bring the elf back home!  But learn from me and my mistakes.  Make sure to put little Elf in a safe place!  The following year when it’s time for it’s reveal your kids might get desperate and tired of searching…

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 Last year, it took everything  short of calling in detectives to find the little guy!  But eventually we or I remembered where I put it.   And of course, the little Elf made up for being such a good hider with a little treat! photo 2

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 7.49.47 PMElf sure is fun and we are enjoying the memories!  I love seeing how creative people get with their Elfs!  Be Merry and sing loud… (says Buddy the Elf)

-Amy Pearl

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