“a simply sophisticated way of living”


Millennial Women, we are a breed of our own.  We are talked about being the most coveted demographic groups on the market.  This is my blog on how I am kicking butt being a wife, mom, while rocking the business world.  I’m definitely not perfect but I’m making Pearls out of my imperfections.

The story of a Pearl is a long scientific one.  But it is really special to me.  Did you know that pearls are formed from a foreign article that get lodged into an oyster?  It is lodged in their so hard that nothing not even a hurricane can shake it out.  Over time the oyester will coat this foreign particle with a fluid that eventually will form a beautiful pearl.  Natural pearls are all shapes, sizes and colors!

The story of the pearl reminds me of our journey through life.  Sometimes we get off track, something gets lodged in so tight… and you feel the pains of life setting in.  I hope to inspire you to take make Pearls, beautiful original, unique pearls!

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 9.24.48 PM

“Through imperfection and adversity, a Pearl is formed. Life is about perspective and choices!”

-Amy Pearl

As many of you know my name is Amy Pearl.  As I have always loved my middle name because I was named after my grandmother, once I learned the story of the Pearl, I really began to embrace and live by it.  Continually choosing to transform my “irritations” into “Pearls”!

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